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Welcome To crop gene technology

Crop gene technology in manufacturing a wide range of pesticides. As per company's thinking, helping. for better productivity we are providing best quality products covering herbicides/weedicides, insecticides, fungicides, miticides, plant growth regulators / stimulants in various forms – liquid, dust, powder and granules and reaching out to more than millions of farmers. Best plant protection helps farmers better yield and better economic return. The Company has now only presence in Gujarat and Maharashtra but will plan to expansion in MP, Rajasthan in very short span & its marketing offices in all markets where company presence in India. We had very good distribution network in all covering area and also expanded very shortly in remaining area where we weak and also new areas where we expanded. We also plan to agreement with companies out of India so we provide new technology to Indian farmers and Bringing together the complementary, innovative portfolios.

Every workers of company are working with keeping kind objective in mind that to provide honest Crop Protection solution and better quality Agro Chemicals to Farmers. Company is always working for better prosperity of Farmers by improving Agril Produce Productivity. Your trust and our products quality leads to Agricultural Prosperity. Our manufacturing facility at pipodra (GIDC) near surat with all required modern machinery and well experienced production staff .we had also well maintained laboratory and after positive analysis of all batches only selling in market we are quality conscious company

Our Mission

Crop gene technology promotes Integrated Pest Management as a mean of improving of farmer's livelihood by increasing the productivity and quality of the produce, while sustaining the environment and natural resources for future generation.

  • To propel the growth of the agrochemical market through world class products
  • To anticipate and meet the changing needs of our demanding customers
  • To nurture, develop and empower our people and vendors
  • To maintain meticulous standards in quality, cost and distribution
  • To imbibe a work culture conducive to performance through networking

Our Vision

Crop gene technology aims at promoting the best possible combination of measure –Chemical, biological and cultural – to deliver cost effective, environmentally sound and socially acceptable methods of increasing productivity, managing insects, disease and weeds. We thrive on current and new business opportunity while leveraging our core competences of human capita, quality and integrity.

Future Thrust

Crop gene technology is committed to customer delight by providing high quality products and best service at competitive price. We shall strive to do this by regularly enhancing our product portfolio through:

  • Continuous updating of technology and resources.
  • Recognizing and deploying talent through empowerment of people.
  • Capturing market information and Knowledge Management.
  • Using efficient supply chain measures to meet the market requirements.